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A $1900.00 Mistake!!

I am currently again unable to sleep due the air mattress bed, so I'd figure that I should share my grief (and how I wish I could of spent that wedding money on a better bed). To warn others to take the ads with extreme caution.

My wife and I purchased the bed, a queen size model QS29PSE 07/09 and from day 1 its been a nightmare. First off my wife and I discovered that we could not even sleep on our own side of the bed without being sent to the sinkhole in the middle of the bed. One of the reps at a sleep store recommended that we pump the bed up a few times a week to 100 to rid the sinkhole. To our dismay, we have been doing that (surprisingly my cars do not require this much attention). To this day we still deal with that. Secondly, I wake with hip, knee, and lower back pain (this includes experimenting with the different numbers a couple weeks at a time). My wife who is now approaching 2 months in her pregnancy is having hip, neck and shoulder numbness (dealing with numbness for months) when she sleeps on her side. I am not impressed with going to the chiropractor to get adjusted only to get bent out of alignment the later in bed. I really want a refund so I can get a better bed so we can sleep to be productive. I am really surprised at how others we run into who also are dis-satisfied with the product. Truthfully, we do not speak highly of this product to our co-workers, friends, or family and tell them to not take the commercials seriously. We also purchased a mattress pad that controls temp (421279) and that did not fair well as we struggled with controlling bed temp at night (187.00 mistake). We took that off after a few months and its a closet item.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Constantia, New York, United States #880040

I don't know why your having so many problems with your sleep comfort bed, we have owned one for over 20 years, maybe you should lay on the bed, pump it up to 100 and bring it down to about 45 or 50, try that for a week and let me know. Like I said I love my bed and can't stand leaving it to go on vacation.

Just had my friends buy one and they love it too, it's all about finding the correct sleep number, if you ache or your sore then it is to hard for your body. Hope this helps


This customer is complaining about Sleep Number which is a different company...Pissed consumer clearly is a website that doesn't verify customer complaints because if they did they wouldn't allow confused customers to write negative comments about companies that aren't involved...This is the second negative review i've read on Pissed Consumer where the consumer is complaining about Sleep Number but they wrote a negative review on Sleep Comfort...Get your stuff straight pissed customer...

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