Make sure you can manage all their policies. They are very hard line about them, no matter what.

One of their policies is no returns before 45 days. That means, even if your 89 year old Alzheimer stricken mother can't stand the noise the bed makes, they will let the bed spend 44 days in your garage rather than accept the return, even if you don't expect the refund for 45 days after set-up. Also, when they tell you shipping the bed back is simple, make sure it is simple for you to do. I was told it was a simple process to return the bed.

NO, it isn't. I have to rent a u-haul and hire a guy to help me take it to a shipping company. I was lead to believe the shipping company I mentioned would package the bed at the house and take it then. Got the, "I never said that" routine when I called to discuss returning the bed.

Check out everything they "imply", but don't say outright. Asked him all the questions I could think of so I could avoid problems, but returns, that I needed to be very clear on, was slanted in their favor. Never thought to check his work.

In hindsight, I would never deal with this company. They were very nice to buy from, then curt and abrupt when I have to discuss the return.

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Finale to the saga. Sleep Comfort offered $1400 credited back to my credit card to NOT return the bed.

I took that and donated the bed to charity. I figured, all in all, I lost $400. $1400 plus $900 to ship on a $2700 bed.

Let some poor bedridden person have it. Sheesh, what an ordeal!


I also had the same experience. Could not sleep on the mattress.

When I tryed to get shipping quotes the cost was extremely high. I did negotiate to keep the bed and am trying to sell it.

When you are buying from them they are wonderful but once the bed is in your house you can't contract them. Stay away from them.


I had to wait the entire 45 days with the bed sitting in the garage. Now, calling around to freight companies to try to avoid driving the bed to one, I find the $300-$400 dollars the Sleep comfort company, ie, the owners son, assured me the bed would cost to ship back -- lowest estimate on picking the bed up from the house is $629 without packaging or insurance to $1334 with packaging and insurance.

This has been a huge nightmare for me. And then to spend upward of $1000 on shipping!!! Also, customer service had the gall to suggest I sell the bed on ebay if I didn't want to wait the 45 days.

AND they offered to renegotiate the price of the bed if I don't return it. I'm anticipating the struggle I'll have when they decide the bed isn't in "perfect condition" and screw with the refund.

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