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Watch out, they are hard *** about their policies. They have an only AFTER 45 day return policy, even if that means the bed spends 44 days in the garage.

Wouldn't take the bed back even after my Alzheimer stricken mother couldn't sleep on the bed and couldn't stand the noise it makes. Also, make sure you can manage to send it back. I was reassured it would be simple. NO.

I have to rent a truck, hire a guy, and then drive the thing to a shipping company. If you can't manage this, don't buy the bed. I wouldn't have!

Got the "I never said that" routine when I talked to the original guy who sold me this thing.

In hindsight, I would never deal with this company. Make sure you can abide by every single thing they want out of you, or stay away.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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:( Was assured BY THE COMPANY this bed would be about $300-400 to ship back. With packaging and insurance I'm getting quotes upward of $1,300 to ship the bed back to Georgetown, KY from Oceanside Ca.

That's half the price of the bed. I have never felt so punished for buying something.

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