Reference order #148270, Order date 04-07-13, Buyers name Jeannette L. Lee(Payment address is different from shipping address.

Upon calling Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed at the 800 number provided in ads 1-800-501-3433, I talked to a salesman named Miles Tepper on 04-07-13. I explained to him that I have a full spinal condition with arthritis and Fibro-Myalgia and cannot tolerated any massage or vibrations due to a Thoracic disc rubbing against a nerve. I needed a WAVE ACTION control (sort of works like a water bed but in a controlled head to foot movement)that offers circulation head to toe for the body. Mr.

Miles assured me that this is what the wave action does. He left out the vibration and massage part. Are your sales people so desperate that they feel they must lie to your customers?! I called the 1-800-501-3433 number today about 2 hrs.

after delivery and set-up and talked to a lady by the name of Crystal and she says Mr. Miles is off today and the rest of the staff is at a meeting so I may or may not receive a phone call back today. I have been in business and I know that meetings do not last all day for salesmen, etc. I refuse to pay the return shipping charges for something I did not order the way I ordered it.

I want this bed out of my home by your company by the middle of next week. I will not sleep on it or use it for its' duration in my apartment until it is removed by your company. I have a 2nd adjustable sleep number bed in my living room that I now sleep on now. I paid a grand total of $2,720.00 including mattress protection cover.

I want a full reimbursement back to my credit card as soon as the bed leaves my home by your company.

Sincerely Jeannette L. Lee

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