Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Design defect .

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I purchased a P5 Queen adjustable bed, two years into this We noticed the mattress was moving away from the head board toward the end of the bed, I called , they came out looked at it and said the mattress cover was torn at the mounting bolts. I saw the problem and realized this is a very poor design.

They replaced it under warranty at no charge. Two years later we have the exact same problem.

I truly believe they are aware of this defect. Also my Flex Fit remote will not operate, tried to purchase a new one, they said they are on back order, it's been sixteen days and no remote, so much for paying $4000.00 for this bed and I can not use it I am not a happy customer .

Review about: P5 Adjustable Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Simple Review #1454523808

Scottsdale, Arizona 0 comments
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Great bed. The worst customer service ever.

Always long long waits and no answers.

They have owed me credits from my purchase for two months. Terrible

Review about: Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed Dual Comfort Mattress.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Realy bad bed we need to sue

Montrose, Colorado 0 comments
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I was with Kay when we bought this bed she and I went our seperate ways and I got the bed, they are priced too high and not comfortable and I have leg pain every night, God did not intend for humans to sleep on the material they make this out of, my problem now is affording to change, plus the mattress is extremely heavy and hard to move around!

Do not buy this bed or any temperpedic pillows either, this is a the worst bed ever!

I wish there was a class action lawsuit over these beds and that they shut down production of them, I think they are trying another type bed now to sell to the public

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of sleep comfort adjustable bed and associated monetary loss in the amount of $3500. Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Simple Review #1433991171

Sevierville, Tennessee 0 comments
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Received split king Sleep Comfort adjustable bed for my sister who has been very ill. It was absolutely unacceptable!

We had to, however, accept it because it can NOT BE RETURNED! The only thing worse than the product is the customer service...NOT!

Totally condescending and rude! Dont even consider this junk!

Review about: Adjustable Bed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Deceptive in not disclosing freight cost to return items.

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 0 comments

Had the same problem. Easy to deal when ordering, but returning was a nightmare. We ordered a bed that was a split California king adjustable bed. I questioned the salesman about the width of the mattresses as my husband is a relatively large man (6'2" 260lbs) because to get a longer bed you lose width. I told the salesman i was concerned about this, but the salesman encouraged us to try it as we could always return it. He never mentioned the cost of return freight or the bases can't be returned.

The mattresses were too narrow for my husband to lay on his back without his elbows falling off the mattress.

Of course, if you return the mattresses you need to return the bases because a regular king mattresses won't work with them.

Salesman fails to tell you how expensive freight for a mattress return is...$400-1700..depending on insurance. If you don't insure it, you can't be sure you will get anything for your mattress.

We finally got to return the mattresses after having to wait the 45 days, taking a big loss. We paid $5200 for a California split king adjustable bed with bases. We were allowed a $1600 credit to return the mattress but it cost us $400 to return it. We could not return the bases which we could not use. So, we were left with bases that cost us $3800!

We went to a local furniture store who gave us $400 credit for the bases and sold us a memory foam split king mattresses with adjustable bases for $3600. They provided delivery and setup and picked up the old bases. They told us if we were not satisfied with our beds after 2 months, they would swap them out.

I believe Sleep Comfort's sales practices are deceptive. They should be required to disclose the cost of returning their mattresses and that the bases can't be returned, even if they could be, the freight would be too expensive.

My advice is to NEVER ORDER a mattress. Deal with a local company who has a good reputation.

This reviewer shared experience about "deceptive in not disclosing cost of freight to return" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $3800. This person is overall dissatisfied with Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Poor quality a nightmare to deal with buyer beware

Orlando, Florida 0 comments
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we ordered king size sleep comfort. When it showed up the people that brought it to assemble it had no idea what they were doing.

Failed to work, vibrator section would not stay on, remote would not work correctly. no bed skirt. They sent out a bed skirt. The tech that came to install it just started stapling hook velcro to the bed base.

did not work. they sent out another bed. it failed in much the same manner. all this in a 45 day period.

we tried to return it no dice. they refused. my wife stayed after them after many many phone calls they said they would refund our money. however we had to arrange shipping back to the factory box it up and ship it ourselves.

well if you have ever tried to do that it is a huge task for someone who does not ship all the time. it was a $1000 to ship them back not to mention time and missed work to do it. and we are still dealing with the shipping issue. boxes were sent to the wrong addresses.

beds go to one state head board to another.

customer service is a joke.

once they get your money your done. BUYER BEWARE.

Review about: King Size Bed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Poorly Designed - Warranty Misleading

Wallingford, Connecticut 2 comments
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I bought a king sized dual chamber Sleep by Number bed a little over two years ago. After the first 6 months, the bed developed a ditch down the middle.

If you moved toward your partner, you fall into this trench. I opened the bed and found the piece of foam (egg crate) was ripped. I called Sleep by Number, and they won't replace it. IT IS A MAJOR DESIGN FLAW IN THE BED.


Be aware that this design flaw will happen to you. Their 20 year "warranty" is pro-rated, so after two years - at their rate - they are making a profit on replacement parts that are under "warranty".


Review about: Dual King Complete System.

Monetary Loss: $100.



Pissed customer is lame...They clearly don't read reviews because if they did they would realize that this customer is complaining about a different company...Sleep Number is a different company than Sleep Comfort...get your *** together pissed customer!


Customer mentions in their complaint Select Comfort which is a different company. So they are complaining about the wrong company.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Salesman misrepresented wave action motions

San Diego, California 0 comments

Reference order #148270, Order date 04-07-13, Buyers name Jeannette L. Lee(Payment address is different from shipping address.

Upon calling Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed at the 800 number provided in ads 1-800-501-3433, I talked to a salesman named Miles Tepper on 04-07-13. I explained to him that I have a full spinal condition with arthritis and Fibro-Myalgia and cannot tolerated any massage or vibrations due to a Thoracic disc rubbing against a nerve. I needed a WAVE ACTION control (sort of works like a water bed but in a controlled head to foot movement)that offers circulation head to toe for the body. Mr.

Miles assured me that this is what the wave action does. He left out the vibration and massage part. Are your sales people so desperate that they feel they must lie to your customers?! I called the 1-800-501-3433 number today about 2 hrs.

after delivery and set-up and talked to a lady by the name of Crystal and she says Mr. Miles is off today and the rest of the staff is at a meeting so I may or may not receive a phone call back today. I have been in business and I know that meetings do not last all day for salesmen, etc. I refuse to pay the return shipping charges for something I did not order the way I ordered it.

I want this bed out of my home by your company by the middle of next week. I will not sleep on it or use it for its' duration in my apartment until it is removed by your company. I have a 2nd adjustable sleep number bed in my living room that I now sleep on now. I paid a grand total of $2,720.00 including mattress protection cover.

I want a full reimbursement back to my credit card as soon as the bed leaves my home by your company.

Sincerely Jeannette L. Lee

Review about: Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Sleep comfort nice when you buy, but...

San Diego, California 3 comments
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Make sure you can manage all their policies. They are very hard line about them, no matter what.

One of their policies is no returns before 45 days. That means, even if your 89 year old Alzheimer stricken mother can't stand the noise the bed makes, they will let the bed spend 44 days in your garage rather than accept the return, even if you don't expect the refund for 45 days after set-up. Also, when they tell you shipping the bed back is simple, make sure it is simple for you to do. I was told it was a simple process to return the bed.

NO, it isn't. I have to rent a u-haul and hire a guy to help me take it to a shipping company. I was lead to believe the shipping company I mentioned would package the bed at the house and take it then. Got the, "I never said that" routine when I called to discuss returning the bed.

Check out everything they "imply", but don't say outright. Asked him all the questions I could think of so I could avoid problems, but returns, that I needed to be very clear on, was slanted in their favor. Never thought to check his work.

In hindsight, I would never deal with this company. They were very nice to buy from, then curt and abrupt when I have to discuss the return.

Review about: Adjustable Bed.



Finale to the saga. Sleep Comfort offered $1400 credited back to my credit card to NOT return the bed.

I took that and donated the bed to charity. I figured, all in all, I lost $400. $1400 plus $900 to ship on a $2700 bed.

Let some poor bedridden person have it. Sheesh, what an ordeal!


I also had the same experience. Could not sleep on the mattress.

When I tryed to get shipping quotes the cost was extremely high. I did negotiate to keep the bed and am trying to sell it.

When you are buying from them they are wonderful but once the bed is in your house you can't contract them. Stay away from them.


I had to wait the entire 45 days with the bed sitting in the garage. Now, calling around to freight companies to try to avoid driving the bed to one, I find the $300-$400 dollars the Sleep comfort company, ie, the owners son, assured me the bed would cost to ship back -- lowest estimate on picking the bed up from the house is $629 without packaging or insurance to $1334 with packaging and insurance.

This has been a huge nightmare for me. And then to spend upward of $1000 on shipping!!! Also, customer service had the gall to suggest I sell the bed on ebay if I didn't want to wait the 45 days.

AND they offered to renegotiate the price of the bed if I don't return it. I'm anticipating the struggle I'll have when they decide the bed isn't in "perfect condition" and screw with the refund.

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed - Sleep comfort nice when you buy, but...

San Diego, California 1 comment

Watch out, they are hard *** about their policies. They have an only AFTER 45 day return policy, even if that means the bed spends 44 days in the garage.

Wouldn't take the bed back even after my Alzheimer stricken mother couldn't sleep on the bed and couldn't stand the noise it makes. Also, make sure you can manage to send it back. I was reassured it would be simple. NO.

I have to rent a truck, hire a guy, and then drive the thing to a shipping company. If you can't manage this, don't buy the bed. I wouldn't have!

Got the "I never said that" routine when I talked to the original guy who sold me this thing.

In hindsight, I would never deal with this company. Make sure you can abide by every single thing they want out of you, or stay away.

Review about: Adjustable Bed.

Monetary Loss: $2500.



:( Was assured BY THE COMPANY this bed would be about $300-400 to ship back. With packaging and insurance I'm getting quotes upward of $1,300 to ship the bed back to Georgetown, KY from Oceanside Ca.

That's half the price of the bed. I have never felt so punished for buying something.

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