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Reference order #148270, Order date 04-07-13, Buyers name Jeannette L. Lee(Payment address is different from shipping address. Upon calling Sleep Comfort Adjustable Bed at the 800 number provided in ads 1-800-501-3433, I talked to a salesman named Miles Tepper on...
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Make sure you can manage all their policies. They are very hard line about them, no matter what. One of their policies is no returns before 45 days. That means, even if your 89 year old Alzheimer stricken mother can't stand the noise the bed makes, they will let the...
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Finale to the saga. Sleep Comfort offered $1400 credited back to my credit card to NOT return the bed. I took that and donated the bed to charity. I figured, all in all, I los...


I also had the same experience. Could not sleep on the mattress. When I tryed to get shipping quotes the cost was extremely high. I did negotiate to keep the bed and am try...

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Watch out, they are hard *** about their policies. They have an only AFTER 45 day return policy, even if that means the bed spends 44 days in the garage. Wouldn't take the bed back even after my Alzheimer stricken mother couldn't sleep on the bed and couldn't stand the...
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Update on bed return

:( Was assured BY THE COMPANY this bed would be about $300-400 to ship back. With packaging and insurance I\'m getting quotes upward of $1,300 to ship the bed back to Georgeto...

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Deceptive website. Salesperson promised what he couldn't produce in order to convince me to buy. They gave a delivery date at the time of purchase. Changed the date twice. Still don't know delivery date. I paid for the product in full. They offered a refund but said I...
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Seems things haven\'t changed in two years. I ordered my bed on 04-06-2012. Paper work says approx. delivery date 3 weeks. It has been pushed back twice (and I was told when i...


They are hard line about the return policy. They want you to get used to the bed, which is understandable. But, if they were doing righteous business there would be special ci...

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